Cathode biased 6v6

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  • In vacuum tubes, a hot cathode or thermionic cathode is a cathode electrode which is heated to make it emit electrons due to thermionic emission. The heating element is usually an electrical filament, heated by a separate electric current passing through it.
  • Here is my version of the YBA-2 board, with flying leads and soldering done. To get the cathode bias segment done, I copied a bit of the 5E3 circuit. While the original Traynor used two boards, I stuffed everything onto one board. BTW the Hoffman board is a really nice to work with. Home-cooked Bass Mate circuit (top) Bottom with hidden wiring
  • Even though the octal socket for the 6V6 is mounted to the pc board, the socket also screws to the chassis when the amp is fully assembled. When it's screwed down it has a pretty decent mechanical connection. Not perfect, but better than average for today's amps.
  • The added bonus beyond this is that the YCS's are adjustable bias amps. This means that you can use EL34 type tubes and 6L6's. The Dark Horse is a nice little addition and uses a pair of 6V6’s for power, a couple 12AX7’s in the front end and a 12AU7 for a really low power output tube. So if you just half to have a bedroom volume amp and one that will drive a 4/12 cab check out the Dark Horse.
  • Oct 16, 2020 · However, the cathode bias arrangement works rather well on 6V6s and I would recommend it. Simplicity for one, and the power output is approximately the same. Where you see fixed bias more often is in high power designs where it is important to keep the tubes under control and to balance the idle currents through them.
  • Yellow Jackets® allow EL84 power tubes to be used in place of most common guitar amp power tubes, providing a self-bias Class-A configuration for the EL84 so that no bias adjustment is required. EL84s have a tight and focused sound, and most converters will produce a substantial maximum power reduction making it easier to find that sweet, warm mix of preamp and power amp distortion at a lower ...
  • Cathode bias has the beneficial effect of auto-correcting, to an extent, the bias point of the tube. If the tube draws more current, the voltage drop across the cathode resistor increases, which increases the negative grid bias that the tube sees, thus reducing the plate current.
  • Cathode Resistor Plate Resistor Plate Current Grid #2 Current Transconductance Amplification Factor Internal Plate Resistance (approx.) Grid #1 Driving Voltage (when P = 50 mW) Grid #1 Driving Voltage (when P = 6 W) Output Power (at 10% THC) with fixed grid bias) Output Power (when I 0.3 LIA) Amplifier, Pentode Connection glg2 O 250 250 -7.3 135
  • If you want a quick fix with standard Weber kit try the 6V6 at 320v plate and an EL34 or better still KT66 at the 360v that the standard PT puts out plus around 180 ohm cathode resistor. By all means try a 6L6 and feel totally free to disagree with my take on it.
  • An unbypassed cathode resistor would reflect changes in current with signal as changes in voltage, meaning the grid-to-cathode bias voltage would not be constant. This is a form of feedback, and not necessarily a bad thing, but we want to preserve our gain/power in this amp so we’ll bypass the resistors.
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  • Hello: I'm in the process of building a 6V6 PP amp, and would like to use an ultralinear output. Problem is, I can't find UL curves for the 6V6. I've estimated -20V cathode bias at about 35mA per tub ..... 27: RE: I thought the 6BQ5 was the 6V6 equivalent? n.t. (7.21) Posted by Eli Duttman on 2019-04-26, 00:46:04 (
  • - Cathode Biased - Speaker Impedance: 4 ohms-15"L x 6.5"D x 8"T. Tubes: 1x 5y3 Rectifier 1x 6v6 Power Tube 1x 12ax7 Preamp Tube. Price: $380+ Shipping. SkyDriver 30.
  • Detail of Cathode Bias Circuit In the foreground you can see the connection of both cathodes of the 6V6 power tubes (black wire). Because of the heat development at the resistor I placed the cap away from it on the other cathode. Detail of V1 Instead of disconnecting one half of V2 I don't use only one half of V1. The other half is completely ...
  • 6V6 switchable fixed or cathode bias. Running AB1. Bright and dark channels. 3 band tone stack with cathode follower. ...
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Limb beaverMay 29, 2010 · Running the 6L6 in cathode bias with 560~680 ohm cathode resistors should get you close to 15 watts per channel. I've drawn up a circuit for you. email me if you would like a hi-res copy.
During the tweed era, the Fender Deluxe was a 1x12 combo with a pair of cathode-biased 6V6 power tubes for a raunchy 12 Watts. There were two channels, originally Mic and Instrument and later Normal and Bright. Each channel had two inputs, one of which was attenuated. Controls are Tone, Bright Volume, and Normal Volume.
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  • composite 6v6 plate characteristics with 300 ohm cathode resistor The composite plate characteristics are more evenly spaced, indicating the reduction of distortion by the unbypassed 300 ohm cathode resistor. That would make the 6V6 cathode voltage 20V+1.6V = 21.6V So if the cathodes are at 21.6V WRT ground and the heater CT is 5V WRT ground the g1 to cathode bias would be -21.6+5 V or -16.6V if the heater resistance didn't change.
  • Mar 12, 2014 · If the bias on A DSL15 is off,will that make the amp produce a whistling noise.what would kind of problem would the amp have,if the bias is wrong.i have a new DSL 15 and after playing it for a few min,it starts to make a loud buzz,and a whistling noise.any help pls.or can it be the tubes.the and sounds ok when playing,its when i stop playing.i obviously have to have an experience tech look at it.
  • Using typical operating parameters, the 6V6 power tube, operating in triode mode, has an ideal load impedance of 5k Ohm, and generates about 4.5 watts of power. An OT was used, handling 8 watts and providing impedance matching from a 5k primary to an 8 ohm secondary, which is a common loudspeaker impedance. Tube amplifier power supply

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This board is very flexible, so it can be used in amplifiers that operate at power levels from 1 WPC with 6V6's in triode to 15 WPC with 6550's in UL. Obviously the transformer requirements are different for each of these designs.
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Oct 18, 2009 · The power stage is push-pull 6973s in shallow class AB1 (nearly class A), cathode biased, with a big 1,000µF cathode bypass. The output transformer is an 8k:8 Weber (W022913) designed as a Fender 6V6 replacement.
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Its circa 1957 circuit features two cathode biased 6V6s for 15watts of recording and small club power. The heart and soul of the Electro King is its 5879 preamp circuit; a single NOS 5879 input pentode for each of the normal and tremolo channels provides rich distortion and natural tube compression at any volume setting.
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100/50 watt 4 x 6l6 (half power scaling), 50 watt (fixed-bias/cathode bias switch) 2 x 6l6 or 40/20 watt 4 x 6v6 (half power scaling) all wattages available in head or 1x12 combo; all wattages available in head or 1x12 combo; 2 channel cascading gain stage platform adjustable treble, mid and bass tone-stack - fixed adjustable-bias amplifiers - fixed non-adjustable-bias amplifiers (no bias adjustment pot) - cathode bias amplifiers. Each of these types is unique. Fixed bias amplifiers can be either adjustable or non-adjustable. For adjustable fixed bias amplifiers, the amp should be biased by a tech with experience.
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In electronics, biasing is the setting of initial operating conditions (current and voltage) of an active device in an amplifier. Many electronic devices, such as diodes, transistors and vacuum tubes, whose function is processing time-varying (AC) signals, also require a steady (DC)...
  • Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Dual 8 Pin Tube bias current Probe Socket for Testing 6L6 6V6 EL34 KT88 5881 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products!
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  • Vacuum Tube - 6V6GT, Electro-Harmonix - Octal power tube (Max Plate Watts = 14W) Beam power tetrode with a specially developed cathode coating, careful alignment of the grid, tri-alloy plate material for flawless performance up to 475 volts.
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  • May 29, 2015 · In a cathode biased amp the cathode is connected to a resistor and cap that are grounded. This generates a voltage drop on the cathode to produce the required bias voltage. The cathode is essentially a tube with a filament inside of it. When the filament heats the cathode, it can release electrons to flow to the plate.
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  • just finished the amp, I pushed it to 95% class A. has 3 hours of burn in time on it so it's not even as good as it will be. Playing a micheal Kelly les paul...
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